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What we offer

Strength and Glow Pilates offers classes in Amersham and the surrounding areas to groups and individuals.  The classes are open to all ages, abilities and levels of fitness.  We want everyone to feel welcome and to feel the benefits of Pilates for the body and the mind.

If you've done Pilates before and know the basics then you can join any class.  


If you are new to Pilates you will either need to book on to one of our Beginner's courses or book a private (60 min) 1-1 Introduction to Pilates session.  This will allow me to introduce you to the principles of Pilates and provides the opportunity to discuss any injuries or areas of weakness and how Pilates can help.  



Please bring your own Pilates/Yoga mat. 


We will sometimes use small equipment/props such as Pilates circles, bands, balls and blocks.  I will bring enough for everyone but please feel free to bring your own if you have them.  You can also buy them from me if you want to continue your practice at home in between classes.

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