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Find answers to common questions below but if in doubt don't hesitate to email, call or text Sarah on 07904 748084 for more information. 

Senior Yoga Class

Is Pilates for me?

We believe Pilates really is for everyone.  Whether you are totally new to exercise, recovering from injury, or a keen sportsperson, Pilates can help you.  In our classes you can go at your own pace with plenty of support on hand if you need it. 

Totally new to Pilates? No problem! You can book a private 1-1 intro session or join our Beginners/Improvers classes which will take you through the principles and foundational exercises to set you on your Pilates journey.

For those looking for a challenge we will provide you with progressive exercises so you can continue to push yourself each week.

Want a challenging whole body workout incorporating cardio and Pilates?  Join our 50/50 classes which combine 30mins of HIIT/cardio work with Lyndsay from LL Fitness and 30mins Pilates with Sarah from Strength and Glow.      

Yoga Studio

What should I wear and bring?

Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in, for example leggings or tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt/gym top.

Pilates should ideally be performed without shoes so you can go bare foot or keep your socks on.

Please bring your own Pilates/Yoga mat.  We will sometimes use small equipment/props such as Pilates circles, bands, balls and blocks.  I will bring enough for everyone but feel free to bring your own if you have them.  You can also buy them from me if you want to continue your practice at home in between classes.  

What results can I expect to see?

After your first class you will feel well stretched and maybe even slightly taller.

After a few classes you should start to feel your core strengthening.  You may also feel leaner, more mobile and that your overall fitness has improved. 

Over time and with regular practice you will find you are more in tune with your body and it functions more effectively.


Once you've caught the Pilates bug you won't go back!      

Yoga Class
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